Adventure: Girl's Night In

Monday, April 13, 2015

Camping: the rogue rock under the roll mat, dawn chorus, feet trapped in a down sack. 

Deep sleeps, crisp air and tea in a tin mug. 

What if we shook things up a bit? 

Join Sophie Radcliffe for the perfect mini-adventure: food, wine, Mont-Blanc views ... and a tent suspended between the trees!

'Challenge Sophie' hooked up with the world's coolest tent maker, Tentsile, for some adventuring and 'Girls night in: The Trial' was the experimental first night out. 

 You can read Sophie's write up of the adventure here.

I don't know about you, but that looks seriously cool.

The video 'Girls night in- The Trial' has been shared from Womens Mountain Collective .  

WoMoCo is a content creation portal aiming to promote the presence of females in the outdoor media.


  1. I'm in. When are we going tee camping?

    1. YES EM! As soon as I get my mitts on a tree tent and a view like that.


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