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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Curious Tonic - Travel Tonic

'Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.' 

Michael Palin

Mont Blanc from Chamonix
 Skiing and Mountaineering on Mont Blanc
  Macarons and Pastries in Chamonix 

Chamonix Mont Blanc has been at the sharp end of Alpine adventure since 1760, when a Genevois scientist offered a prize for the first ascent of the highest Alp. This steep-sided valley, draped with tumbling glaciers beneath a crown of rocky spires, is where snowsports and mountaineering meet.

Ski instructors and mountain guides come here to qualify, and every dedicated skier and snowboarder puts it on the bucket list to see how they’ll measure up to the challenge of what Chamonix calls simply “le grand ski”. The buzz is exciting and, in a macho, competitive atmosphere, can easily lead to risk-taking. (excerpt)

Having recently been, you don't have to be hard as nails to enjoy Chamonix. With some guts and determination, the slopes can be seen to accommodate beginners (with a free piste to break you in gently) before throwing yourself down some red runs on your first day. Soften any blows with the padding you'll gain from classic Savoyarde fare (cheese as standard) and numb any accidental sun burn with a swift pint apres-ski. For those after a sliding-free summer holiday the hiking and running routes are kept in good condition, climbers scattered over the steeper ascents watching you wind your way up the mountain. To further fuel all that activity, year round mountains of macarons and pastries await in town for breakfast, afternoon tea or just because.

Photos by Laura & Dan.

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