An evening routine

Friday, May 1, 2015

redhead girl in steamed bathroom

'Sweetheart what are you doing?!' he cries across the landing.

Sighing, she stares downwards at the chipped nail polish, floor tiles that needed a good scrub and dusty skirting board behind the back of the toilet. Reluctantly, she wills her eyes to focus on the plate of glass under her feet, breathing in sharply and shifting her weight slightly over to the left.

Quickly, she tugs off the restrictive underwear she hates so much, piles her messy brunette hair in a top knot and steps back onto the scales.

'It's just a number', she tells herself, 'I'm sure I don't look that heavy'. Eventually the digital numbers grind to a halt under her, now rather chilly, bare toes.
With a huff, she grabs the fluffiest dressing gown from the rack, engulfing the body she critiques so much in its soft towelling. Hiding the stretch marks, the scar on her shoulder from an energetic childhood adventure and the bottom she wishes was a size smaller.

Reaching into the bathroom cabinet, bursting with potions, her favourite cream is produced from the detritus of floss, cotton wool and almost empty toothpaste tubes. A rare treat, she saves this one for days like today. Inhaling the comforting scent, she slowly massages it into her face, the cold whipped texture sinking into the creases and lines she inspects daily. A quick glance in the mirror shows only the face of her mother, one that is missed dearly.

Finally, her evening ritual complete, she pads slowly towards the bedroom, a soft glow from the bed-side light illuminating her path.

He puts down the book, peers over the top of his spectacles and grins. His turn to finish the routine, he whips back the covers on her side, and pats the mattress; 'come here gorgeous'.

Image by this modern romance for Nine Space Fall/Winter 2013. A breathtaking collection of gorgeous light.

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