Curious Finds: Nearly There

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How many times do you tell yourself  'nearly there'? Every day? Every week? 
House sale... end of a run... baking a cake... the last two pounds...We count down the minutes, steps and to-do list. 

It's easy to lose motivation, to give up and complain, mope or quit. 

What do you do to keep going?

My goals? Sports. Nearly there on a lift, on a gymnastics move, those killer abs. I think I will be always 'nearly there' without ever realising when I've made it. How do you know?

I was sent these lace plates by the lovely Liz at Stitches and Lace as a surprise gift and will follow me around the gym until that day! 

This is a not a sponsored post, and these plates were not sent to review.

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