How to get some weekend tonic

Monday, June 29, 2015

Get some extra sleep
Eat al fresco
Savour a two course breakfast
Read a magazine from cover to cover
Enjoy fresh flowers
Speak to family on the phone, or better still, visit them
Apply lipstick
Cook something new
Sing along to the radio

since starting the 9-to-5 I've really started making the most of my weekends. Busy is great but I try and make sure I have at least an hour to me, to re-set and make sure I feel prepared for the week ahead. 

This weekend I was away visiting family and upon my return home immediately became frustrated at the house work not getting done, my toenails remaining unpainted and my online shopping cart not getting purchased. An hour of pruning the garden and hot shower later, I felt more ready to relax. 

My weekends are mine. Even just for an hour. 

This weekend we enjoyed Ernest Journal and Kinfolk Magazine both bought from gorgeous Sheffield store, Moonko. 

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