Saturday Short

Saturday, August 29, 2015

On Saturdays we like to publish a small short story or piece of writing. Anyone is welcome to submit a piece, and you can do by contacting Curious Tonic here

A gaggle of women teeter up the path, giggling whilst clinging to both each other and their millinery. The wind grabs at their skirts whilst the gaps in the cobbles claim the skinny stilettos. Bags clenched under their arms, they reduce to lowered tones as they walk through the entrance and are directed to their seats. Nodding to friends and relatives, more familiar faces become apparent as their eyes become accustomed to the gloom compared to the brilliant summer's afternoon outside. 

There is a shuffle of polished shoes as the gents see to the formalities, giving hugs and directions alike. Ladies, however, gossip as they compare outfits and shuffle the papers in their laps. Catching up with old friends in hushed tones they quickly cover babies and fashion, whilst their husbands fidget with their top buttons, mentioning briefly the traffic and work. 

Near the back, a small child is seated firmly on a parents lap, tulle skirts and new shoes clutched firmly so as to prevent escape. Held tilted backwards, her gaze is fixed firmly on the grand arched ceiling, scattered with colourful patches of light streaming through the windows. Mother tuts and wipes the drool steadily escaping onto the child's chin, but does so with a broad grin, her eyes lovingly locked onto that of her partner next to her. 

Suddenly, a flurry of activity causes the focus of the room to alter, necks craning to get a good view and fingers fumbling with flash settings. A silence falls as the audience is invited to stand, and in unison they turn to face the door. 

Notes begin to peal from the organ, and just as the tension becomes uncomfortable, the bride's silhouette becomes apparent in the vestibule, inviting excited whispers and gasps from the congregation. 

Image by the wonderful Amy from Take Aim Photography, a London based photographer and regular contributor.

Words by Laura of Curious Tonic

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