Saturday Short

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plumes of flour billow into the warm air as the dough is slapped onto the kitchen counter, kneaded into a smooth glutinous mound and then placed lovingly into a tin to prove. A broad smile on the baker's face showing pure glee as another loaf is perfected. Weekends are his to command, the kitchen his kingdom.


Scuffed brown shoes under a tired desk, shuffling impatiently on the carpet tiles. The bottom cuffs of his work trousers creased; the end of the week demonstrating a lack of care to iron or refresh his suit for one more day.

Fingers tapping in the desk he takes another exasperated sigh and glances at the clock. Two minutes. Shuffling the papers on his desk, they are arranged and rearranged in his restlessness. Barely resisting to tap his pen, instead he gets up to visit the coffee machine, again. 


Sunday evening comes sooner that it is welcome. Whilst the baking tins bathe in soapy water, he brushes the flour from the counter. A little dusting lands on the brown shoes discarded under the counter from Friday and with a slight grin he pauses. He knows tomorrow will be the day he makes his dreams come true. 

Photo from Boxed Brownies and taken by Toni at Lemon Freckles. Used with permission.

"We are passionate about our brownies, which are made with the best ingredients, including 70 per cent cocoa and our own organic eggs. They are rich in flavour and bursting with personality - and sometimes alcohol"

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