30 before 30 - Update

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wow. Long time since the last post! Whoops. 

Don't worry. It's because I've been soooo busy crossing off the 30 list! 

Here's the last update, but it currently stands to this: 

Get my Doctorate
Drink Guinness in Dublin
Learn a new skill on a course
Go on a girls holiday
Own a designer handbag
Run a marathon

Start my career
Learn to SCUBA dive
Go to an opera
Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
Learn how to make macarons

Go to a music festival
Visit the southern hemisphere
American road trip
Get that tattoo

Pay off my student debts
Read Pride and Prejudice
Host Christmas dinner
Find a yoga class I love
Go on a spa day

Publish a paper
Attempt to surf
See the Northern lights
Eat gelato

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
Sing karaoke in public
Get my eyebrows done professionally
Complete a triathlon
Bet $20 on black in Las Vegas
Throw a MASSIVE 30th birthday party

So what have I been up to?

  • Attempt to Surf: 
Back in August the Boy and I road-tripped down to Cornwall in our tiny little van. A bit of sneaky wild-camping near Polzeath placed us in prime position for some afternoon surfing in Bude. Naturally, we both stood up first time, continued to impress the small children in our group and them polished off a double cream tea. Each. 
  • Find a yoga class I love:
I was recently dragged to a yoga class by a friend here in Sheffield and whilst it took me a while to get into it found myself slowing getting the hang of it. Largely my favourite part was the meditation at the end, and though I am not at all bendy, have come to terms with that and will try and continue some form of 'regular' practice for my mental health if nothing else. 

  • See the Northern Lights: 
October saw a trip to Iceland for us; running, hiking, mountains and, brilliantly, the northern lights. We were so lucky to see them on a couple of fleeting occasions and after I stood open mouthed for a while attempted to get a rather shoddy picture. Ah well. I'll remember the dancing aurora for a very long time.  

  • Get my eyebrows done professionally. 
And finally, I've been having my eyebrows threaded about every 6 weeks and they look amazing! At £6 a time I'm sold. 

Boom! What a tick list! It's been a gooood summer. I think the rest will require a little money saving so might be while before the next update... 

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