Weekend Tonic : 16.11.15

Monday, November 16, 2015


running in the rain
a mini photoshoot
date day
killer brunch
board games and whiskey
brown paper parcels tied with string

This weekend definitely was not long enough! I had to re-shuffle some plans on Saturday to make room for the epic to do list (including mopping and hacking back the overgrown garden. *yawn* ) and somehow managed to make 3 batches of macarons and a quiche, take a trip to the post office, clean the house, tidy the garden and squeeze in a run in the rain. Thankfully Sunday was somewhat more relaxed as the boy and I enjoyed a lie-in, another wet run and an epic brunch at our new favourite breakfast spot. A trip into town for some local produce and finally, an evening on the sofa. 

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