A 2016 30 update

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We're mid-way through January. The snow is looming and ground finally beginning to freeze. Did we think Jack Frost would ever come? I recently turned 27 and the new year brings me to think about my 30 list, and what I can tick off in the coming months. You can read my last update here and here's the list as it currently stands... 

Get my Doctorate
Drink Guinness in Dublin
Learn a new skill on a course
Go on a girls holiday
Own a designer handbag
Run a marathon
Go to an opera
Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
Learn how to make macarons
Get that tattoo
Read Pride and Prejudice
Host Christmas dinner
Find a yoga class I love
Go on a spa day
Eat gelato
Sing karaoke in public
Get my eyebrows done professionally
Complete a triathlon
Bet $20 on black in Las Vegas
Start my career
Learn to SCUBA dive
Go to a music festival
Visit the southern hemisphere
American road trip
Pay off my student debts
Publish a paper
Attempt to surf
See the Northern lights
Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
Throw a 30th birthday party

Over Christmas I managed to check off a couple more!


Despite just for two, I hosted Christmas dinner and also received a gorgeous Cambridge Satchel Company handbag for my birthday which I was assured (given the price tag) is definitely classed as a tick in the box! 

So whilst looking for a new job (more on that soon), trying to lose a few kilos (and that) I supposed I should try and tick a few more. May as well start with Pride and Prejudice...at least that's free! 

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  1. A marathon and the Northern lights are on my list. Macaron's were delicious - thank you. Will be ordering again soon. xx


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