Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It always starts with a small bounce of elation: "YES. That horrifically long job application landed somewhere! They want to meet me! To hear what I have to say!"

"oh God. They want to meet me. What should I say?"

"WHAT DO I WEAR!??! There's that pencil skirt I wore once at work experience, I'm sure I can still squeeze my arse into that. Maybe not. Some smart trousers and a shirt?"

"Too corporate? I need to show some personality. Personality. Who am I? Who do I want to be at the interview? Where is my life going?"

*watches Amy Cuddy's TED talk for the seventh time.*

From the detritus strewn around the foot of the wardrobe an outfit is selected. Maybe a colourful scarf or pretty necklace to accessorise. Remember, ALWAYS choose the comfy shoes, these damn things are uncomfortable enough.

"well thank you for your time, we'll be in touch"

*sigh of relief, kick off the uncomfortable shoes you knew you shouldn't have worn*

"Its an interview for me as well as them. Do I even want to work with them? Would we get on?"

"I'd be able to afford a new car, a holiday! I messed it up, too much of myself came out. Someone else will have more experience. The commute will be a pain. Oooh I'll need some new outfits!"


After a week of waiting, it's easy to pretend it never happened. 

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