Weekend Tonic: 25.01.16

Monday, January 25, 2016

17 miles of hills
coffee and gossip
retail therapy
productive pottering
Netflix binge
board games and whisky

Isn't is strange to think that just 1 month ago we were all stuffing our faces with turkey and tearing open presents in front of the tree? Slowest month of my life I swear. I am DYING for some sunlight. I might book some sunbed sessions just to feel some VitD! 

This weekend was full of exercise and healthy thoughts. I'm trying to shed some winter fluff so am leaving the car at home more and trying to walk wherever possible. On top of my daily runs it's definitely highlighted the need for comfier shoes! Our plans were changed a little (cancellation of Saturday evening, my digital scales breaking) so I spent a lot of time pottering around the house doing tasks I'd been putting off, walked 6 miles to have coffee with a friend, treated myself to a beautiful smelling candle and enjoyed spending evenings with the Boy. We had a date night for two at our kitchen table, watched 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' again (gorgeous film) and relaxed with some excellent whisky. Well done weekend, well done. 

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