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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas for two
learning to lie-in
rainy running
copious amounts of champagne
mountains of chocolate
DIY days off work
future planning
Big Magic

Well this Weekend Tonic is simply a round-up of my extended Christmas...as 11 days off work certainly felt like a mega weekend! 

This year was my first hosting Christmas, albeit just for the two of us. It felt amazing to do whatever we pleased, and decide how we wanted our Christmas to be; what would become our traditions. Starting with opening stockings in bed (and maybe nibbling a few of the chocolate additions with a cup of coffee) the day started lazily, before making a hearty brunch of avocado and scrambled eggs on toast with buck's fizz. After opening our gifts, we pulled on our running kit and headed out into the rain. Stopping halfway round at a lovely pub in the peak district for a mulled wine, we headed back home sodden and muddy for hot showers and to start dinner. The joint of beef left in the slow cooker was almost done so after fluffy PJs donned we sat down for our three course feast with handmade crackers to pull. An evening on the sofa allowed us to agree, it wasn't a bad start to hopefully many Chirstmas' to come.  

The rest of our break was taken up with work (him), DIY projects (me) and lots long-awaited catching up with friends. New Years Eve was spent at a party involving a scavenger hunt run around the city and far too much gin. Finally, New Year's Day onwards has been primarily about aligning our dreams for the year(s) to come and working on plans to make them happen. 

A good dose of relaxation and forward planning has once again made me excited for what's to come, and determined that hard work will make it happen. 

Happy New Year x


  1. Sounds wonderful! My Christmas was spent making new traditions and doing what I wanted....it was perfect! Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you lots of happiness and new adventures, Rach


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