Weekend Tonic- 29.02.16

Monday, February 29, 2016


two killer lifting sessions
three movie date nights
one clean house
twenty chocolate macarons
a dozen fresh tulips
four study manuals
not enough hours sleep

Oh, its been a busy few weeks. How I miss writing my weekend tonic. This weekend was busy, but in a good way. Training at a new gym means lie-ins are long gone. Each morning was spent sweating it out before driving home for a shower and sweat-pants, admin and study. I tested some Love Your Blender smoothie mixes and had fun experimenting with some flavour combinations (producing a piña colada protein smoothie was definitely the highlight, and thus could only be topped with a novelty straw). Thankfully the house work got done, and each evening was spent with a movie night on the sofa. Pretty good as far as weekends are concerned! 

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