Shopping Tonic - March

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Lust List

Oh man I've been slipping haven't I? Merde. 

It's been a few months since my last shopping tonic; I'll let you decide if that means I've wanted for nothing, been too busy to care, utterly skint or all of the above! 

This month I have a few lust items on the list, but I assume only one or two will get purchased as we're tightening the purse strings a little for future savings. 

1. A lovely, pretty Fitbit. I won't get this, who am I kidding. But its gorgeous AND fitness gadgetry. If I was rich I'd have one long ago. 

2. Office décor. I am planning to spruce up my currently dire spare bedroom into an office and this is my #1 work ethic. Must have for the wall! 

3. We have a trip to more sunny climes booked for Easter and I just cannot be bothered to do my hair or wear face sunscreen on holiday. Cue, trendy cool cap. Not at all dreaming of being a bronzed lean beach babe...

4. Every time I walk through Manchester airport I hit up Jo Malone. The new fragrance will stay with me and forever remind me of our trips and I am building quite a collection which act as my travel journal. I wonder which will remind me of Portugal this month?

5. These Nike's are divine. Must have. Want. Cannot afford. Completely impractical. 

6. Finally, glorious copper stationery from Kikki-K for that office I'm planning. Truth is, I can't remember the last time I used a stapler... 

What are you after this month? Do share your shopping lists below! 

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  1. In my head, I have the cap and trainers and can run and wear them bronzed and lean running down the beach. In real life running gives me cramp. Every. Time. And My hair is too short for the ponytail, and I do not tan. Great selection though as always.


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