March Tonic

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time for a March round up, and even though I'm a week late is feels like it was ages ago! Where is time going?

March started off with lots of work, and lots of reading. I went back to college and started reading everything I could on well-being, health, fitness and dream-chasing. My recommendations? Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. Plus your college manuals, obviously.

I continued (and finished) my #runeverydayLent mission, at a cool 250km for the month. Not only did I run every day of Lent, I started training again. I did speed work, I did hill reps. Oh I also learned to love yoga and went climbing too.

I whisked the boy off to Leeds for a night for his birthday. A night at Mal Maison, dinner at Crafthouse and then an evening to see the ballet was perfection. We ate Michelin starred food and drank cocktails I couldn't pronounce. We relaxed and wandered, shopped and lunched. It was amazing. 

I became slightly obsessed with patterned tiles. I wish we could decorate our bathroom. 

Just before Easter we were invited to review Sheffield's new tapas restaurant, Tapas Revolution. It made small waves to amend my minor hatred for Meadowhall, and is definitely our new favourite for tapas in the city. 

And finally, we saw off the month in sunny, sunny Portugal for a lovely Easter break. Sadly a bout of norovirus took me out for the last day or so, but we got to enjoy the beaches and lagoons for a few days before returning home to my sick bed! We tried paddle boarding (so easy, try it!) and ate enough tapas to sink a small boat. I got a tan and took enough naps to recharge after a very busy month. 

April is looking busier still and I am holding on with white knuckles! I made it this busy out of sheer hard work and I love it! 

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  1. Those holiday photos look awesome. I love a good bit of SUP but never get to do it these days! There is nothing better than a bit of a tan is there. Although I never have one because, well, winter holidays! x


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