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Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Shopping

So, in my latest move into self employment, I jacked in the day job (woo yeah, huzzah etc etc), and that means that I can wear WHATEVER I WANT to work. 

Now, it's gotta be appropriate still, so that's gym wear, outdoors gear and comfies (for desk work). Sounds like a dream. 

I've already started chipping away at this list and can only hope that the rest somehow falls into my lap! 

  1. Fitbit. Sport gadget geek that I am, I would love a fitbit for tracking my daily steps and activity! Being on my feet all day makes things like that really interesting. 
  2. I had the pleasure of visiting Amy's Ashram last week (more on that soon) and Amy the owner was using the most divine yoga mat. Now, I'm sporadic with my yoga practice but if I had one of these Yoga Design Lab mats  I'd definitely be in downwards dog every day! 
  3. I am in love with the new North Face Mountain Athletics range. I have the blue vest and it has amazing fit and quality. I can't wait to get a new training wardrobe!
  4. It's summer soon, and I can't live on slow cooked foods and omelettes for ever. I feel like Deliciously Ella's cookery book with give me some inspiration! 
  5. We are off for a climbing trip soon so have treated myself to a purple shiny new Petzl belay device. Safety is paramount in my books, but it helps when its pretty too! 
  6. Training for climbing trips means more trips to our local climbing walls. I'm happy in my scruffy old trousers but maybe I should upgrade to these gorgeous Black Diamond pants? 

Rather a colour coordinated set! What takes your fancy? 

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