Weekend Tonic : 16.05.16

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

many meters of rock face
two climbing shoes
thirteen bunk-beds
one BBQ
one climbing harness
two abseils
ten climbing pitches

My apologies for forgoing the usual layout of the Weekend Tonic of late! Truth is after our little publishing break I just plain forgot. But then I browsed some old blog posts and it all came flooding back and I remembered why I loved posting my weekend in numbers. 

This last weekend we took a trip with friends to Ogwen Valley in North Wales for some climbing and mountaineering. Under the Boy's watchful eye we made our way up two large crags, one per day, near Gwynedd. I had a couple of wobbles due to the height in some places, but was happy that I managed to drag my ass up over 200m of rock.

We stayed in a Climbers Club hut, Helyg, which has got to be one of the best places I have ever stayed in Wales (my experiences are largely limited to car and tent though), with the most spectacular views. Six of us took over the bunk room with ropes, climbing gear and sleeping bags and enjoyed shared meals around the kitchen table washed down with a drop of whisky.

This was my first experience of multi-pitch rock climbing and with such stunning views and weather, I will definitely be back. 


  1. It looks so cool. I want to get good enough to go on one of these trips with you!

  2. Eeeeek S!! That would be so cool! And I am deeply honoured that you would want to come with me!
    Honestly, the Boy is an instructor and would keep us 100% safe so you don't even have to know ALL THE THINGS. I don't! You are more than welcome to come along next time :) xxx


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