Weekend Tonic : Bank Holiday 02.05.16

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's been a while since my last Weekend Tonic, but hopefully all will become clear why... 

Firstly, on Friday I handed my notice in at my day job. More on that soon, but ultimately, fizz and cheesecake was consumed in copious amounts afterwards! I also launched my new website  and celebrated the Boy's first week in the new job! 

Saturday & Sunday was spent studying strength and conditioning techniques, and blasting my core stability with some killer kettlebell moves. 

We joined friends for a 'Japanese' themed night following their amazing honeymoon to Japan and enjoyed the wonderful image slideshows combined with authentic sake! My head...on Sunday morning... did not! 

I took my Monday morning client up to the best view in Sheffield for her weekly workout, and cheered her up the hill multiple times before the rain rolled in. 

The Boy and I then dedicated our day to brunch, climbing and a massive slow-cooked gammon. Delicious. 

How was your bank holiday? Did you learn anything new?

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