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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Before we start - I should state that I hate the phrase 'bikini body'. It's up there with 'summer body' and 'real ladies'. 

If you want to have a bikini body, wear a bikini. If you want a summer body, that's easy - you've already got it as it is, after all, summer.

And all you real ladies out there - yes, every single one of you. No robots? Okay. 

Right then. Bikini chat.

Aside from the obvious and optional waxing, buffing and fake-tanning help, there's some swimwear you look good in, and some you don't. Some cut you in half even when it's three sizes too big, some make your boobs look like tangerines in socks. You have to try them all. But when you know what you suit - you know. I, personally, like bikinis. I feel much more comfortable than in a one-piece but we're all different. 

I used to think I liked those little triangle tie-side bikinis that were essentially a hanky and piece of dental floss. Then I grew up a bit. I've now realised I like pretty ample bottoms and need some shape up top to balance out my runners thighs with minimal boobage. A pretty cover-up is good too for walking around resorts/to the bar/when you've gone a bit pink but are too stubborn to give up your sun-bed. 

This set pictured is my current favourite - with under-wires and a bit of padding, lined bottoms and a gorgeous print. The fabric is super soft (both the bikini and cover-up) with a tiny amount of glamour in the way of some dainty beads. This is from last year's collection, but it's from the Italian brand 'David swimwear' and you can buy pieces from the current season in stores such as and The David Swim family is split into three groups - a young, dynamic range called “David Fashion”; a sophisticated shaping selection called “David Solutions” (featuring body sculpting tummy control) and “David Iconique” which is a range of cover ups and kaftans, designed to buy with the swimwear or on its own as beach accessories.

Thanks to Patricia Eve if you are a size 10-12, with a C cup chest, this giveaway is for you! If you have a holiday or beach trip coming up you could win this bikini set pictured above, including the cover up. 

All you have to do is the Rafflecopter entries (as little or as many as you want) below, and I'll announce the winner at the end of next week! 

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