July Tonic

Monday, August 1, 2016

Oh my Goodness. It's been a while. What with Training and Copy Writing and Macarons, this little space had been neglected.

But, it's August the 1st and new month means I am resolving to spend more time here. If I can put words on a page for Boho, I can do it here too. 

So - July: 


  • My training took a bit of a curve ball this month when I dislocated my shoulder! But two weeks later I am back to training, light upper body and swimming is fine. Itching to get back on the climbing wall but I shall be sensible. 
  • Despite that. I've been training clients at the ever gorgeous Endcliffe park and at the brilliant Firehouse Fitness. All my clients have been giving 100% despite the hot weather and their results prove it! So proud of all of them and it's inspired me to go and get some more qualifications so I can keep giving them excellent training. 


  • The Boy and I took a long weekend trip up to the Lake District and stayed in a cute little cottage near Stavely. 
  • Despite my injury we climbed Helvellyn via Striding Edge and I loved the scramble to the top! My quads were screaming on the way down however, I must need to practice downhill more often! 


  • We ate out a fair bit this month, especially for breakfast/brunch. Our favourites definitely being the newly revamped Marmadukes and the ever cool Tamper Coffee
  • As is summer, icecream is never far behind. Both in naughty gelato form from SUGAR, and angellic vegan form from my new obsession Fro by Joy
  • I had fun digging out some old cook books for foodie inspiration
  • And experimented with some protein porridge recipes including raspberries and coconut - yum!


  • Lots to love this month, including my new wallpaper! The palms just bring my lounge to life and now my instagram feed is full of shots using it as a backdrop! Whoops! 
  • We did some excellent second hand book shopping on rainy Saturday and discovered lots of hidden gems at The Porter Bookshop. 
  • I got my hair chopped off by my favourite hairdresser at Kojo & Lee , and LOVE the new ease of styling it brings. Definitely keeping this one for a while. 
  • At the start of the month we visited Cliffhanger and the British Bouldering Champs here in Sheffield and were thrilled that all our friends involved completely smashed it. 
  • And finally two new book - Harry Potter was devoured in one sitting yesterday and we are slowly pouring over this gorgeous edition for our Winter trip to NYC. 

So there you have it. Same time next Month? 


No seriously. Soon. I promise. 

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