Weekend Tonic - 08.08.16

Monday, August 8, 2016

One excellent curry
Multiple flying aircraft
A delicious bottle of fizz
A bad slice of cake (boo)
Two sunburnt legs
A million puppy cuddles
10 miles ran

I'm glad that this week marks the return of Weekend Tonic! This weekend the Boy and I made the trip down south to visit some of my family. We were greeted with home cooked food and fizz, much to my (very tired) joy. A lazy Saturday catching up and doing some errands - involving the most stale piece of cake I have ever purchased from a local cafĂ© - was topped with a killer curry and dosa. On Sunday after a run with the hound, we hit Shuttleworth Air Museum for an Edwardian air show. There was picnic foods and I got sunburnt, c'est la vie! 

Training wise - my shoulder is improving and physio today confirmed its still strong. Unfortunately the dislocation seems to have damaged the long head of my bicep so off-road running (lots of twists and turns etc) irritates my shoulder stability and therefore gets a little painful towards the hour mark. Road and treadmill are great, as are light weights, stability exercises and rowing. Watch this space... climbing soon! 

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