Curious Tonic is run by me, Laura, a small business owner in Sheffield who has a penchant for heavy weights, running, sweet tea, and macarons. I am on a personal crusade to make people fit for life in a busy world where beauty standards are damaging and the obesogenic culture is growing. 

My clients become happy and strong, functionally active and fit for life. I don't prescribe to the fast fix, the diet or the 'detox'. I promote a mindfully active lifestyle, concentrating on movement standards, balanced choices and a health which comes naturally. 

This blog is a personal space for life, ramblings and showcases. We are curious creatures, interested in the lives and passions of others. What drives them, makes them laugh, makes them cry? What do they find beautiful, or stylish?

We also need some tonic. Something for us; some pep to inspire, challenge and entertain. We need some tonic in our everyday lives - whether that's with gin, as cake or the sun on our faces - for it's healing, motivational and calming properties.

We let our curiosity fire us, and use the things we discover to inspire our everyday.
I constantly look up to strong women, wish my hair was longer and that I could mix the perfect martini. I love to row, run, watch Wes Anderson films and practice my photography.

 If you'd like to to submit an idea, picture or piece of writing, please use the contact page.

Background image by Laura.

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